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It’s Time

On August 2, 1939 Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Franklin Roosevelt expressing his concern of Germany’s efforts to purify uranium which could be used to create an atomic bomb.  President Roosevelt took Einstein’s concerns seriously and, almost immediately, orchestrated efforts for the United States to begin the process of creating its own atomic weapon.

Between the letter in 1939 and the first use of the bomb on August 6, 1945 much work was done preparing for this monumental, life-changing moment in Hiroshima, Japan.  Great research was conducted, billions of dollars were spent and much preparation was carried out before the final result was realized.… Read the Rest

Embracing Excellence

(The following was shared with Arkansas Church of God Pastors as part of a self-evaluation process initiated by Administrative Bishop, Les Higgins.)

It is an understatement to anyone in ministry when it is said; “these are days of great challenge.”  Pastors who have led congregations for any length of time have had to adapt to continual cultural changes and attitudes if they expected to remain relevant.  Growing a church in this climate requires more than a dream and desire.… Read the Rest

Reflecting on the Past – What did God Bless?

Lately much of my time has been spent planning for the new church year.  Everyone knows we are facing tremendous challenges and these have certainly been in the forefront of my thoughts as I attempt to move our state organization to the future.  At times I feel afraid and unsure.  After seasons of prayer I feel confident and positive.  Perhaps a leader should not admit this, but I find myself on an emotional roller coaster – sometimes sure everything is going to be all right; other times wondering how we will get through these rough waters.… Read the Rest

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